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MAY 2015: Additional Funding of over EUR108 million to Schools for Minor Works Grant and Multi-Annual Summer Works Scheme

The Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O'Sullivan, T.D., has officially confirmed the provision of EUR28.5 million for the payment of a Minor Works grant to primary schools for the current school year and also the allocation of EUR80 million over 2016 and 2017 for a multi-annual Summer Works Scheme for schools.

This funding was initially promised as part of the Budget 2016 investment in schools.

Minor Works Grant

Over EUR28m is being made available to facilitate the issue of the 2015/2016 Minor Works Grant to primary schools.

This grant will issue to all primary schools by 20th November 2015. The EUR28.5m fund is focused on improving the physical infrastructure of schools and the purchase of standard furniture and physical education equipment, and IT related equipment without needing to deal directly with the Department.

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